Birth Injury Cases In Colorado

In Colorado, doctors could produce a birth injury under a variety of circumstances. However, in some cases, the doctor performed surgeries or procedures for which they were not trained. In circumstances in which they don’t have adequate knowledge or training, they could create serious and life-threatening conditions. The following are circumstances and causes of these injuries that lead to a lawsuit managed by a Denver personal injury lawyer.

Forceps Delivery Injuries

Forceps are used in deliveries in which the child becomes trapped or cannot otherwise slide through the birth canal. These deliveries can lead to unwanted cuts on the infant’s body. They can lead to serious scarring of the face especially. In some cases, they can lead to more serious conditions such as broken bones.

Injuries Associated with Vacuum-Assisted Deliveries

Vacuum-assisted deliveries are a primary cause of brain injuries. Due to the high-powered suction created by these devices, it is possible for the doctor to create brain damage that could affect the child throughout their lives. In some cases, the brain injuries lead to developmental conditions due to severe damage. In some cases, it could injury the infant’s brain so severely that the child dies. A denver personal injury lawyer provides assistance for parents when their child sustains these injuries.

C-Section Delivery Errors

Any doctor who lacks the ability to perform a C-section is liable if they operate anyway. These deliveries require the doctor to cut open the mother’s abdomen to remove the child surgically from the uterus. An untrained doctor could cut too deeply and sever the mother’s arteries. They could also produce serious and/or life-threatening injuries to the child.


Avoidable Premature Births

Any birth that occurs prior to at least the 38th week of pregnancy is classified as premature. At any time that premature labor occurs, the doctor must follow careful protocol to stop or prevent delivery. Any doctor that fails to follow protocol is liable if the child doesn’t survive or sustains serious defects.

A Lack of Proper Oxygen

A Denver personal injury lawyer can provide help if an infant sustains injuries due to a lack of oxygen. During delivery, the heart rate and oxygen saturation of the mother and infant are monitored. At any time that these levels aren’t adequate the doctor must take immediate action to prevent fetal death.

In Colorado, doctors are liable if any birth injury is produced due to avoidable circumstances. These injuries could include but are not limited to broken bones, deformities, and development conditions. Parents who need legal help after these events contact a Denver personal injury lawyer today.

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